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One company- getting customer service very wrong and very right

Experienced a good example of a company getting customer service totally wrong and totally right (through different channels) today. The company was British Airways, and this afternoon I needed to change my flight with them. I tried the following: 1. Changing it through the website. Result: no can do. Me: “Ok sure, I’ll try using … Continue reading

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Amplify 2011: stimulating – challenging – echoing?

Far too many conferences continue to be very standard, with run-of-the-mill circuit speakers talking about uncontroversial topics and no effort to really stimulate attendees or make use of them being in the same place at the same time. Such events are often little more than marketing activities, and are at best talking-shops. The UK government’s … Continue reading

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Social media and those who use it- or, do politicians need to worry about social media for this year’s election?

Social media and the potential to impact events The rise of Rage Against the Machine to Christmas number one in 2009 has been well documented as being the result of social media (specifically, Facebook). Social media alone was responsible for 500,000 copies of the single being bought. 2005 general election Two points to note: 1.) … Continue reading