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One company- getting customer service very wrong and very right

Experienced a good example of a company getting customer service totally wrong and totally right (through different channels) today. The company was British Airways, and this afternoon I needed to change my flight with them. I tried the following: 1. Changing it through the website. Result: no can do. Me: “Ok sure, I’ll try using … Continue reading

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“Reality is Broken”- teasers

I recently finished Jane McGonigal’s “Reality is Broken”- a book which discusses game design, improving lives, and changing the world. Sound grand? Yes, but McGonigal presents a strong argument. Far from being the downfall of a generation, the writer argues that video games are enabling collaboration on a scale previously unseen, and that through this … Continue reading

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Three tips on getting gamification right

Gamification is hot news- and getting hotter (as articles like this on the company Gigya suggest). The concept is far more complex than simply adding badges or virtual currency to a website, however. The brief tips below, from Daniel Debow of Rypple (in this article), are useful for those thinking about introducing game mechanics: 1. It’s not … Continue reading

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Amplify 2011: stimulating – challenging – echoing?

Far too many conferences continue to be very standard, with run-of-the-mill circuit speakers talking about uncontroversial topics and no effort to really stimulate attendees or make use of them being in the same place at the same time. Such events are often little more than marketing activities, and are at best talking-shops. The UK government’s … Continue reading

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The Innovation Superstar

Many misconceptions abound about how to best enable innovation within the enterprise, with businesses and innovation functions (facing both external and internal pressure) often focusing on the short-term and the materialistic rather than long term change. From observing various companies- both public and private- attempt to embed a culture of innovation, it is clear that … Continue reading

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Maker’s schedule, Manager’s schedule

Reading an interesting post by Paul Graham (of Y Combinator) on distinguishing between two types of schedule -the “Manager’s schedule” and the “Maker’s schedule” (the premise being that the former relies on and arranges their day around meetings, whereas the latter’s productivity is completely interrupted by them). This paragraph is an interesting insight in to … Continue reading