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Amplify 2011: stimulating – challenging – echoing?

Far too many conferences continue to be very standard, with run-of-the-mill circuit speakers talking about uncontroversial topics and no effort to really stimulate attendees or make use of them being in the same place at the same time. Such events are often little more than marketing activities, and are at best talking-shops. The UK government’s … Continue reading

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The Gov Bug

Influencing government through pressure groups and protests has been common practice within society for centuries. Alternative (and potentially more direct and powerful) methods of impacting authority and creating positive good for people are increasingly coming to the fore, however. These methods- which can be both constructive and destructive- use technology rather than letter-writing or marching as their … Continue reading

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Volunteering, micro-volunteering, and taskets

A month or so ago I attended the launch of vinspired’s “Volunteering Works“- a web-based tool that helps businesses implement, deliver and measure corporate volunteering initiatives and opportunities.The product aims to help businesses co-ordinate volunteering whilst bringing together communities and stories. This, vinspired argues, is “good for business, profitability, and retention… It [also] enables businesses … Continue reading

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A tenuous Civil Service analogy

The Civil Service has been likened to many things (most of which, particularly in recent times, are not very complimentary). A treasure chest (of the pirate variety) is probably not amongst the most commonly used analogies, but it does provide quite a useful- if slightly tenuous and inevitably cheesy– representation. There’s often lots of treasure inside… but it … Continue reading

Innovation functions in large organisations
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Innovation functions in large organisations

6 weeks ago I (reluctantly*) finished my role in the Department for Work and Pensions’ Innovation team. I’ve now had some time to reflect on the role and the place of innovation functions in large organisations, with the following observations, insights, and tips for success: You’re not an inventor In the context of introducing change … Continue reading