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A few more interesting links (January 2012)

A year ago I listed links to some interesting articles I had read. Others found them useful, so here are a few more:

The golden age of design in startups – “Well, folks, your time has come. Not only do you have a seat at the table…you’ve got a starring role. There is no better time to be a designer than right now.”
10 designers who follow the muse of curiosity – Unusual collection of designers.

By royal appointment: why startups shouldn’t suck up – A look at the attitudes of startups, ending with the line “Don’t suck up to the establishment. Scare them.”
On not joining a run-of-the-mill corporation – From the founder of Ooga Labs. “A big company is not the safe career choice. It’s the risky choice. It risks your mind and your life.”
Tara Hunt on “The unclear path” at TEDxConcordia – Don’t give up.
Hiring rockstars – Good tips on Startup hiring strategies.
53 ways to become a better entrepreneur –  “No matter how successful you are, you shouldn’t stop learning” and 52 other gems.
Why isn’t there a legitimate “critic” in Silicon Valley for early-stage startups? – Great answer by Robert Scoble.
The most effective habit for entrepreneurs –  Being proactive might be the only effective habit.

Why our National Curriculum is a National Joke and how teaching of IT in the UK needs an overhaul – Read the comments as well as the article itself- a good debate gets underway. This article is particularly interesting in the context of the recent news that IT lessons in the UK will be overhauled.
The great tech war of 2012 – A thorough look at Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.
Wifi refugees shelter in West Virginia mountains –  At the opposite end of the spectrum: interviews with individuals who are deliberately removing themselves from wifi zones as they believe it makes them physically ill.
China’s strange fixation with IE6 –  Microsoft is pushing to end IE6 (as this indicates). Articles like this show that in reality the end is still a long way off.

10 completely free wireframe and mockup applications – I’ve been using Balsamiq which is very easy and quick to use but I’m not too keen on the Comic Sans-esq end result. Now I’ve seen this article again I’ll give a few different applications a go.
You are solving the wrong problem – Aza Ruskin (son of Jef Raskin who started the Macintosh project at Apple) has had an unusual life, giving his first talk on user interfaces at age 10. In this article he looks at the way we address problems.

The 45 most powerful images of 2011 – Just amazing.
TEDxKids in Sunderland –  Heartwarming videos from a group of children doing their own TEDx. This video is of Christopher talking about Pokemon, but the other TEDxKids videos are equally excellent.
Time to end the war on drugs – A measured, well written article by Richard Branson.
One girl tackles child-centred marketing head on – “Why do all the girls have to buy pink stuff?”
Kindness boomberang – Just because.


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