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One company- getting customer service very wrong and very right

Experienced a good example of a company getting customer service totally wrong and totally right (through different channels) today. The company was British Airways, and this afternoon I needed to change my flight with them. I tried the following:

1. Changing it through the website.
Result: no can do.

Me: “Ok sure, I’ll try using the telephone.”

2. Telephoning
Result: no can do (on hold for a Long Time, with no indication of how long much longer I would be waiting. And the BA on hold music is terrible).

Me: “Grrrrr British Airways customer service is terrible!” (p.s. this isn’t an actual picture of me)

3. Twitter
I don’t usually vent on Twitter, but in this case I wanted to make British Airways aware of how annoying the situation was and I had no other way of getting in touch with them today. So:

@British_Airways did follow me, and within 15 minutes they had taken my flight details and arranged for someone to call me. After a further 5 minutes an individual (with all the relevant details to hand) had called me and was able to resolve my query.

Me: “British Airways have redeemed themselves. Maybe I will stick with the airline for future flights now.”

So, making frustration public is sometimes very effective (though not with all companies- @jackgavigan mentioned that O2 are particularly rubbish, for example- which is odd given that their email and phone service is usually very good).


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