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Some interesting links (January 2011)

Having never really got in to Delicious (which may, in light of recent news, be a good thing) I’m increasingly using the “Favourite” feature of Twitter to bookmark interesting articles. The following are a selection of some I’ve read over the last few months that others may enjoy:

The real product of innovation“- Jeffrey Phillips discusses changing mindsets vs introducing new products.
The innovation matrix“- 9 different types of corporate innovator (by @timkastelle).
How technology and innovation drive global development“- interview with the Information Infrastructure & Innovation adviser to India’s Prime Minister.
Introducing the first dropper“- an alternative view on the influence of the early adopter.
31 innovation questions (and answers)“- a useful summary of some commonly asked questions with good answers.
How to avoid the nightmare of disruptive innovation“- article about continuous innovation.
Innovation leaders: what makes manor tick?“- insight in to how local government can change/ be changed.

The history of social media“- useful chart.
Teaching tech to your parents” – article about Google’s “teachparentstech.org” site.

Answer one question to be a better manager…What would I do differently if everyone reporting to me was a volunteer?“- thought-provoking perspective on management.
“You and your job”– Short-n-sharp tips on when to leave a job
Engage your employees- 5 must-dos in 2011“- some useful suggestions (which links with this article on “Giving new hires a great start”).

Fun stuff
“Cube Grenades: cartoons to help your business kick ass”– amusing cartoons for companies/ advertising campaigns.
“Making sense of complex issues through data and design”– Data visualisations (for more on this I highly recommend the book “Information is beautiful“.
The scale of the universe“- awesome scaling diagram.
Abandoned Britain“- half day nerd trips.


2 thoughts on “Some interesting links (January 2011)

  1. That was good collection. I am also one of those who is reading your article on innovation, tech-management stuff. Appreciated.

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