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“If you like fish, you have 10 years”- an evening with Andy Green, Logica CEO

When you attend a talk by the boss of a company you expect them to talk about that company and how they got to be in charge of it. This form of presentation has it’s place, but is usually unoriginal (you can normally google what’s been said) and doesn’t give a real insight in to the person.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised by an Intellect talk given by Andy Green (the CEO of Logica) yesterday evening. During his 20 minute presentation only a very brief personal history was given, and the only extensive mention of Logica was in response to audience questions.

The remaining time was dedicated to Andy’s thoughts on technology, society, and the world. This is a summary of some of the interesting things he mentioned:

  • We are living through the age of the USA. Andy thought he would die in this age; now appears that it will move to the “age of Asia” much quicker than expected. May be hard to be successful in an Asia-dominated age.
  • Not such an issue that GDP is low as it’s not a measure of happiness. Look to Japan; 10 years of economic problems but the standard of living of individuals has increased
  • Huge population growth over last 50 years indicates that the human race is (biologically speaking) a plague. Plagues are usually eventually decimated and die out. Andy is optimistic about humans being an exception. He does see some global issues that need addressing, however
  • Future political issues will be dominated by available resources.
  • Andy’s generation has a lot to answer for to the younger generation. He predicts that within our lifetime there will be a conflict between the two (because the younger generation has to pay for/ sort out the older generation’s mistakes)
  • Technology will play an increasing role as a solution to this impending crisis.
  • Fuel cells will be a big issue in the future.  Could be an area to be very successful in
  • We need to inspire people to get in to IT/ technology. At the moment it’s still seen as being “just for geeks“- especially by girls
  • In the future we will be completely digitally networked (e.g. there will be no empty coffee pots; a sensor will show when it needs to be filled up)
    (thanks to Mark Smitham for use of his notes. Apologies to Andy if I’ve misinterpreted any of his talk)

After the talk there was an opportunity to network with other young IT professionals (attendees included IBM, Microsoft, etc.)… and enjoy the complimentary cheese and wine.

All in all a thought-provoking evening that drove home the need for people entering/ just starting in the technology sector to really get a grip of the potential importance of their role.

Oh and the fish quote? Andy talked about fish stocks rapidly depleting, suggesting that if we carry on this way there will be no un-farmed fish within 10 years.


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